Michael and the Councils
We have communicated with you now, through this channel, for over two years.  You have been an audience that has both grown and remained loyal as the clarity and purpose of these messages have grown.  Some have expressed dismay that the messages have become fewer even though lengthier.  At times this has been due to much other work which has been begun, and this will not be changed.  We have, however, been quiet here for almost this entire month.  We have allowed you to assimilate and to have a respite from the energetic tidal wave, at least as much as possible.  Most of you have chosen to continue seeking whatever information that you could find anyway, and that is a good thing.  It shows your determination and dedication.

Now we return.  This will be a rather short message, but not an unimportant one.  The new sources you have found, or in some cases, come to rely more on, are telling you of the immense import and the impending change that is now upon you.  We are here to tell you now that this is absolutely true.  The universe is gifting you with an alignment of energy which has not been seen before.  And the result of that will be what you have not imagined before.  We are not giving you a warning.  We are giving you an accolade.  We are extending our sincere congratulations.